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About Charlie's Angel Agency

What makes us unique

We are not an ordinary IT, Gaming Recruiting & Staffing agency in Poland, Warsaw. Our agency is a Modern Recruitment-Psychoanalytic (RPO-PSY) Ecosystem for your Business. Our mission is to accompany your business on the way to your success in a less stressful way. In this rapidly changing World, we help our clients overcome the insurmountable, conquer new heights, see and make the right decisions for their business. ​​We help our clients to see the chaos not as obstacles, but as a wide range of opportunities for growth and development. After all, chaos is energy, and energy is opportunity. Any company is a living system, and the main task of our recruitment-psychoanalytic ecosystem is to provide the necessary assistance to your business from various sides in order for the system to develop and grow as higher as possible. We help both start-ups and global tech giants to go to the next level. Our specialists are highly qualified IT-Recruiters, HRM, Career Consultants/Coaches and Business Psychologists. We work localy and globaly with Gaming, IT & Technology businesses. Approaching us, you choose the New Universe of your Business🪐

You need the best, we find the best! We guide you to success!

Angelina Mishchuk

Founder & CEO
Our Values

What are Our Values



We don't just love our job, we enjoy every single moment of the work, it's our vocation.



We don't have strict frameworks, we are able to adapt to any circumstances.



The more challenges we face, the more powerful we are.



Hard work = 100% of success.



Due to our proactive mindset, we go hand in hand with cutting-edge talent solutions.



We pride ourselves on being honest and acting with integrity at all times.

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